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Home Solar Power - let the sun power your life

Home solar power is growing faster than at any time in US history.  New 30% Federal Tax Incentives, lower solar panel prices and increased home energy costs have combined to make the solar power home a distinct reality.  Small home solar power systems are available as solar power home kits and are a good way to become familiar with solar power before investing in a more extensive home solar panel system.  Enjoy browsing the other home solar power categories:

Solar Panel Installation

Trained solar installers are available to consult with home owners about solar system sizing and location.  Shade on solar panels can limit the amount of power being produced by your home solar system, so it is important to place the solar panels properly.

Solar Power in the Home and Yard

Home solar power isn't just solar panels on your roof.  How about cooking with the sun?  A solar oven makes delicious meals using the concentrated solar power from the sun.

Solar attic fans are a very inexpensive way to lower your home cooling costs.  Installation of a solar powered attic fan in your home can lower temperatures 10 degrees in the summer using only solar energy to power the fan.

The solar powered home isn't complete without a solar fountain or solar water pump to create a soothing water feature in your yard. Solar lights accent your home's landscaping and also provide added security.  Solar powered lights don't require any wiring or electricians and, of course, run on the free home solar power of the sun.

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