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Portable Solar - solar energy where you need it

Efficiency of portable solar devices has grown dramatically, while prices have dropped.  Innovation in portable solar product design has spurred a wide selection of new products:

Portable solar - power your lifestyle

Portable solar power is ideal for anyone with an active lifestyle.  A simple pocket sized solar charger can power your cell phone, ipod, or other portable device.  You'll have that extra juice where and when you need it. 

Portable Solar for emergencies

Portable solar generators

Portable solar generators are necessary equipment for any emergency.  Having a ready backup of portable solar power for lighting, cell phones, computers and cooking/heating can fill the gap before normal services are restored.  Portable solar generators vary in size, weight and power output, from very lightweight fold-able panels to larger panels with battery storage.  Other portable solar products like solar radios, solar ovens, and portable solar fans are all simple devices that can provide needed comfort in a trying time.

Portable solar for camping

Camping is an opportunity to get away from the rigors of life and enjoy the natural environment.  What better way to camp than with the energy of the sun.  Portable solar camping products like a solar oven or a solar shower provide an ideal solution for basic needs with no impact on the environment.

Portable solar for RV's

Roughly 20% of RV's have some form of portable solar power on board.  It should be 100%!  RV's are a natural for portable solar power because they have room to store solar equipment (or place solar panels on the roof) and a need for the power at campsites and on the road.  Join the portable solar revolution and outfit your RV today.

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