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portable solar fan

Portable Solar Fans - coolness compliments of the sun

Portable solar fans provide cool air where it is most needed.  Using the free solar energy of the sun, portable solar fans turn that energy into a refreshing breeze.  Portable solar fans come in many shapes and styles, from simple clip-on solar hat fans, to specialized automobile heat reducing fans, to larger solar powered fans used in emergencies.  Solar attic fans aren't very portable, but they do a great job of cooling your home.

Portable solar fans for your car

Portable solar fans are a new innovation to keep your car interior cool.  Simply place the portable solar fan in the top of your window when you leave your car.  Using the energy from the sun, it will suck the heated air from your car, leaving it cooler and much easier to air condition.

Portable solar fans for emergencies

Emergencies mean that power can be disrupted.  In hotter climates where air conditioning is standard, a portable solar fan can provide an important cooling function for children and the elderly.

Portable solar fans - for your head!

A simple, elegant way to stay cool in the summer is to wear a hat.  Now you can add a refreshing breeze to your hat with a portable solar fan.  Either clip it on to your hat, or buy a new hat with a built-in portable solar fan.  Turn the sun from an enemy to an ally.    

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