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portable solar generator

Portable Solar Generator - solar power on demand

A portable solar generator is the ideal power source for remote locations or power emergencies.  Simply point the portable solar generator towards the sun and you have a instant source of free energy.  Portable solar generators come in a variety of configurations to match your power needs.  You may also find a solar generator under one of these different styles:

Portable solar generator for emergencies

Be prepared for the next power outage with a portable solar generator.  Because it doesn't require gasoline and has no moving parts, your portable solar generator operates silently to produce electricity to power your phone, radio, laptop, lights and other critical electronic devices.

Portable solar generator for camping

Camping with a portable solar generator is very rewarding.  You get the power you need, and enjoy it more knowing the portable solar generator is using only the sun as it's energy source.  It's silent operation compares to the loud, smelly gas generator that it replaces.

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