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solar attic fan

Solar Attic Fans - cool your house ten degrees

Solar attic fans quietly draw excess heat from your home without using any electricity.  Simple to install, solar attic fans require no wiring and no electrician.  Typical solar powered attic fans will lower your homes temperature by about 10 degrees.  Imagine what you will save on air conditioning costs!  Check our DIY Solar Network for more videos of DIY solar attic fan installations.

Solar Attic Fans - set and forget

After installation, solar attic fans require no maintenance or monitoring.  Because they are solar powered, they naturally run when the sun is shining and the demand for cooling is greatest.  Solar attic fans can also be used with a thermostat.

Solar Gable fans

A number of solar attic fans come with a detachable solar panel that can be placed on the roof or the side of the house to vent through the gable.  Like the roof-mounted solar attic fan, the solar gable fan is easily installed without wires or need for an electrician.

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