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solar backpack

Solar Backpacks

Solar backpacks are the ultimate statement of freedom and independence.  They are a mobile power source that also carries your electronic devices.  A solar backpack says that you're wired and ready for anything.  Check out our other portable solar devices:

Solar backpack at school

Keep your cellphone and ipod fired up with a solar backpack.  Because it contains it's own battery, the solar backpack is perfect for charging your electronic devices on the go.  Put your pack on the windowsill during class and it charges it's internal battery.

Solar backpack for hiking/camping

Use your solar backpack to charge your cellphone, ipod and camera on a hike.  It let's you stay in touch on the trail and will also power your lantern at night.  Your solar backpack gives you peace of mind, generating free, clean, silent energy that keeps you connected.

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