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solar battery charger

Solar Battery Chargers

A solar battery charger will keep your cellphone, ipod, car, RV or boat battery charged and ready when you need it.  Solar battery chargers come in all shapes and sizes, some with their own solar battery storage.  Find additional solar charger types here:

Solar battery charger - trickle

Solar trickle chargers are great for maintaining a charge on batteries that are not regularly used.  Just connect the solar battery charger to your RV or boat battery and position the solar panel where it will get the most sun.  Your 6 or 12 volt battery will be fully charged for the next outing.

Solar battery charger - ipod/cellphone

Some of the coolest solar battery chargers are made for smaller electronic devices like ipods, cameras and cellphones.  Most products, like the Solio charger have their own battery.  They can charge your device directly from the sun, or from their stored battery charge.  They can also charge the batteries from a wall outlet, making these "universal" solar battery chargers.

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