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solar garden lights

Solar Garden Lights - beautify your garden, no wires!

Solar Garden Lights are a great way to beautify your garden. These lights are inexpensive to buy and very simple to install.  There are no wires, and no need for an electrician.  Solar garden lights should be placed in sunny areas and will charge throughout the day.  Most solar garden lights will shine throughout the night on a days charge.  Your garden will look and feel more alive.  Many styles are available including:

Floating solar garden lights

An interesting innovation in solar garden lighting for your water features is the .  These lights are self-contained, with the solar light, solar panel and battery all protected inside a clear plastic, floating solar garden light.  Just remove it from the box and place it in the water for free, beautiful solar light!

Malibu solar garden lights

Malibu style solar garden lights are one of the most popular and well known solar lights.  They are a beautiful compliment to your homes landscaping.  Malibu solar garden lights are simple to install, requiring no wires and no electricians. The built-in solar panel charges it's batteries during the day and turns the light on automatically at night.

Solar garden lights use efficient LEDs

Solar garden lights use efficient LED lighting to bathe your walkways, gardens, pool, patio and deck in stored sunlight energy.  Solar garden lights run completely on solar energy, so you can add as many as you like and never pay for electricity.  Most solar garden lighting will light for 8 hours after 8 hours of sunshine.

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