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solar heating

Solar Heating - best solar energy value

Solar heating is one of the most efficient uses of solar energy.  Federal tax rebates of 30% combined with 50-80% savings on water heating bills make solar heating one of the best investments home owners can make.  Most solar heating systems will pay back their initial investment within 3-5 years.  A few types of solar heating products:

Solar heating - solar water heater

A solar hot water heater transfers heated water from a solar collector on the roof or on the ground to hot water storage tanks.  Solar water heaters come in two types, active and passive.  Active systems make use of pumps and can be used in both warm and cold climates.  Passive solar heating systems rely on water pressure and don't use pumps, but are generally not appropriate for colder climates due to potential for freezing.

Solar heating - solar pool heater

Your swimming pool costs a lot to heat.  Solar heating can help reduce those costs significantly.  Solar pool heaters are very straightforward, ranging from simple DIY solar options, to more sophisticated commercial systems.  Hot tubs and spas are also well served by solar heaters.

Solar heating - solar pool cover

Another simple solar heating solution is the use of a solar pool cover.  The sun's heat energy penetrates the cover, heating the water, where it is then trapped.  It's a very simple, yet elegant solution.  A number of systems and covers are available that simplify their application and removal.


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