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solar lanterns

Solar Lanterns - free, clean light

Solar lanterns are an essential tool for camping, hiking, RVing or emergencies.  Because they require no power source other than the sun, solar lanterns are always ready to light the way.  Solar lanterns are being used extensively in the developing world to replace kerosene burning lamps.  Solar lanterns are seen as a savior to the environment and a boon to these growing economies.

Solar Lanterns for camping, RVing

The main benefit of solar lanterns is their reliability.  Where ever you go you have the confidence that you will have light for cooking, setting up the tent or just relaxing to play cards.  Solar lanterns are silent and burn no fuel - the polar opposite of traditional Coleman lanterns with their signature hiss, dangerous and toxic fuel, and frustrating mantles.  Take a giant step up and go with a solar lantern.

Solar lanterns for emergencies

Be prepared.  Solar lanterns are required gear for any emergency.  Emergencies or power outtages - just leave your solar lantern on the windowsill of your garage or extra room and it will always be ready to deliver solar light when needed.

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