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solar laptop charger

Solar Laptop Charger - freedom to roam

A solar laptop charger gives writers, artists, photographers and other nature loving creatives the opportunity to work and play off the grid.  Imagine the productivity and clear thought working from a remote location with your solar charged laptop.  Solar laptop chargers come in many form factors. Check these other solar charger types that will charge your laptop:

Solar laptop charger for camping and hiking

Don't miss a beat while camping and hiking with your solar laptop charger.  Stay a few extra days in the wild because you can check in on email and co-workers with your remote wireless and solar powered laptop.  Your solar laptop charger changes the tele-commuting game forever.  No wires and free energy - who could ask for anything more?

Solar laptop charger for field work

Take your solar laptop charger and your mac or pc into the field to do research.  Advances in wireless internet and satellite communications have made off the grid internet computing an everyday occurrence.  Researchers worldwide appreciate the benefits of powering up with their solar laptop charger and wireless connection.  Powered by free solar energy!

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