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Solar Lights - free light, where you need it

Solar lights are a simple, elegant, hassle free way to beautify your home and garden, while also providing increased security.  Solar lights come in many styles and uses:

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Solar lights for your garden

Solar garden lights are inexpensive to buy and simple to install.  These solar lights can be placed anywhere the sun shines.  There are no wires, and no need for an electrician.  Most solar lights used in your garden will remain lighted all night.  Many styles are available: Malibu solar lights, solar yard lights, and solar landscape lights

A very interesting innovation in solar lighting for gardens and ponds is the floating solar light.  These lights are completely self-contained.  Take them from the box and place them in your water feature and you have automatic, free, beautiful solar lights!

Outdoor solar lighting

Solar lights can have a big impact on the beauty and function of your landscaping and yard.  Because they are self contained and require no wiring, solar lights are easily installed away from your house.

  Choose from different styles: solar patio lighting, solar deck lights, solar post lights, and solar pool lights.

Strings of solar lights for decoration

Solar Christmas lights have gotten extremely popular in the past few years, as the efficiency of the solar lights LED's and solar panels have improved.  2008 was the strongest year ever for solar Christmas lights, as consumers embraced the environmental and economic benefits of solar lights.  Decorative solar string lights, and solar rope lights come in many lengths and colors, similar to their non-solar ancestors.  Solar lights require no additional wiring and can be used far from the main power source; on trees, bushes and structures, without the need for long extension cords. 

Solar security lights

Solar lighting for security, with solar spot lights, solar flood lights, and motion sensing solar security lights is exponentially better than the solar lights of a few years ago.  The newer solar panels, batteries, and vastly improved LED technology of this generation of solar lights has seen a marked increase in solar lighting used for security purposes.

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