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solar oven

Solar Oven - cook with the sun, delicious

Solar ovens concentrate the natural heat energy from the sun to cook delicious meals.  Solar ovens are safe and simple to use (watch the videos for proof).  Temperatures range from 200-400 degrees and encourage slow cooking using crock pot style cookware.  If you have the time and inclination you can build your own Do It Yourself solar oven.

Solar Ovens - great for camping

Solar ovens are very lightweight and portable - which means they are great for camping.  The main "oven" portion can be made of metal, but is usually made from a light, insulated plastic.  The solar oven reflector is fold-able and very lightweight.  Meals can be placed in the oven and eaten an hour later - no fuss and no muss.  Of course, using a solar oven means there is no need for volatile cook stove fuel and potential fire hazards.

Solar Oven - get started with solar!

Experimenting with a solar oven is a great first step to buying a solar water heater for your home, or a solar shower for your pool.  Using a solar oven will show you just how powerful the sun's concentrated heat can be.  The best part?  It's free!

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