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solar pool heaters

Solar Pool Heater - solar energy heats your pool

A solar pool heater can substantially reduce your pool heating expense.  Most solar pool heating systems will pay back their initial investment within a few years.  Combined with a solar pool cover, a solar pool heater will transform the costly burden of heating your pool. 

Solar pool heater - simple and effective

Solar pool heaters are very straightforward, ranging from simple DIY solar options, to more sophisticated commercial systems.  Most solar pool heaters are comprised of a solar collector, a pump, a storage tank and a thermostat.  Maintenance is minimal.  Hot tubs and spas can also be heated by a solar pool heater.

Solar heating - solar pool cover

Another way to augment your solar pool heater is with the addition of a solar pool cover.  The sun's heat energy penetrates the cover, heating the water, where it is then trapped.  It's a very simple, yet elegant solution.  A number of systems and covers are available that simplify their application and removal.

Poolside solar shower

What a pleasure to have a hot solar shower after a nice swim in the pool.  Wash away the chlorine and don't worry about getting the chills.  Poolside solar showers have large capacity to accomodate multiple guests.

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