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solar pool lights

Solar Pool Light - solar lights for ambiance

Floating solar pool lights lend ambiance to fountains, swimming pools, ponds and any other water scape.  Simply turn them on and place them in the water.  Solar pool lights are completely self-contained and float aimlessly while absorbing the sun's solar energy during the day.  At night they shine brightly with their LED bulbs protected by water-tight plastic enclosure.  Typical light output for a solar pool light is 1 for 1, meaning 1 hour of sunlight will give 1 hour of nighttime light. 

Solar pool light with efficient LEDs

Solar pool lights use efficient LED lighting to save energy and ensure long life.  The lights run completely on solar energy, so there is never any cost for electricity, and you can add as many as you like.

Entertaining with solar pool lights

A solar pool light or two lend a warm, tropical ambiance to your pool or water feature.  Entertaining outside next to your pool festooned with floating solar pool lights will lend an air of sophistication to the event.

Solar pool lights - a great gift

Solar pool lights make a great gift idea.  Inexpensive, yet sophisticated, solar lights send a great message about renewable energy.  Your friends will be thrilled to receive your gift.

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