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solar radio

Solar Radio - solar energy for communications

Everyone should have a solar radio.  Whether for home, camping, RVing or emergencies, a solar radio keeps you in touch with the latest news and information.  Your solar crank radio never needs batteries and keeps you prepared for anything.

Solar radio for emergencies

Having a solar radio during an emergency guarantees you will know what is happening around you.  You can rely on the solar radio to provide you uninterrupted service using either the built-in solar panel or the hand crank.  Get those critical news updates to help you through the uncertainty of any emergency.

Solar radio for camping and hiking

Crank up your solar radio or place it in the sun and enjoy your favorite station while lounging in the mountains or relaxing on the beach.  Catch the ball game without worrying about battery power.  Your solar powered radio is very light weight and versatile.  Take it anywhere and enjoy!

Solar radio around the house

Place your solar radio on the window sill and never buy another battery again.  Think about that!  You'll get the satisfying feeling of having the sun providing your entertainment everyday.  Solar radio rocks!

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