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solar shower

Solar Shower - refreshing solar powered shower

A solar shower provides a wonderfully refreshing blast of perfect temperature solar heated water.  Using the sun's natural heat energy, your solar shower stores the hot water for hours and is always ready for use.  Solar showers come in many different varieties from simple solar showers for camping to a solar shower for poolside use.  You'll love knowing the shower you're taking is coming from the free solar energy of the sun!

Solar shower for camping and hiking

Bathing in a solar shower is one of life's simple pleasures.  Fill the solar shower with water in the morning and let it absorb the sun's energy for a few hours.  Hang the shower from a tree and use the on/off spigot to regulate shower flow.  The 5 gallon solar shower is more than enough to clean your hair and body.  Thank the sun when you're done!

Solar shower for dish washing

Using hot water to clean your dishes and eating utensils is another great way to leverage your solar shower.  Have a friend spray the water while you clean - it makes clean-up go twice as fast...

Poolside solar shower

What a pleasure to have a hot solar shower after a nice swim in the pool.  Wash away the chlorine and don't worry about getting the chills.  Poolside solar showers have large capacity to accomodate multiple guests.

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