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solar water pump

Solar Water Pump - pump water anywhere

A solar water pump can be used for a number of functions.  Solar water pumps make great fountains.  They also make great bilge pumps for your boat or home.  Because they require no wires or power source, solar water pumps are ideal in remote locations.

Solar water pump for fountains

A solar water pump is ideal for making a solar fountain.  As long as there is a bit of sun the solar water pump will continue to operate with a steady flow of water.  Choose your pump according to the amount of water you want to flow down your waterfall or squirt up in the air.

Solar water pump for drainage

A solar water pump is great for drainage in hard to reach places.  Just place the pump in the water and point the solar panel toward the sun.  Let solar energy do the rest!

Solar water pump for circulation

A solar water pump is also great for keeping your pond or water feature clear of algae.  The pump will introduce water movement and oxygen to the water, making the environment less prone to algae growth.

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